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How To Meditate: beginners start here (same as the instructions below)
Why Meditate?: sleep better, reduce stress & anger, lower blood pressure, improve health and healing.
Meditating for Health revised 11/07
How To Control Stress/Anger
Using Meditation
 revised 1/1/09
Free Guided Meditations
Basic Meditation: 5 mins
(mp3 audio file 0.5MB)
Basic Meditation: 15 mins
(mp3 audio file 1.1MB)
Basic Meditation: 30 mins
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WhoLi (as in Jet Li) Chan (as in Jackie Chan). Also known as Lionel Chan.
• Buddhist/Meditation Chaplain, SF Juvenile Hall (Anger Control class);
• Meditation Instructor, San Francisco Sheriff's Department.
Email contact:
WhatTalks and workshops:
• Relaxation meditation
• Stress & anger control
• Basic Buddhism for Non-Buddhists
WhyTo strengthen the mind and body, e.g., anger and stress management, habit modification/termination, body relaxation to lower blood pressure and relieve pain, sleep inducement.